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Subject: Housing Application 709 / 307503 (William Finnerty)
To: "Mr Barry Fox (Omagh Office, Northern Ireland Housing Executive)" <>
CC: "Mr Maurice Johnston (Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Housing Executive)" <>, "Gerard J Madden (Senior Social Worker, Omagh, Northern Ireland)" <>, "Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan (New Inn, County Galway.)" <>, "Dick Marty (PACE Rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights)" <>, "Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe (Thomas Hammarberg)" <>, "Venice Commission (Council of Europe)" <>, "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. (Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05)" <>
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Northern Ireland Housing Executive Reference: 709 / 307503 
European Court of Human Rights Reference: Application 25077 / 05  (Please take particular note of "Item 3" below.)
Dear Mr Fox,
As I mentioned to you during my visit to your office last Thursday, my general situation seems to me to be far from straightforward at the present time; and, this being the case, I believe it might help if - in connection with my application for housing - I now outline in writing what I feel are the main priorities and difficulties (from my viewpoint):
1) I suffer from the medical condition known as PTSD Complex (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For evidence of this please see the scanned copy of the "To Whom It May Concern" letter from Dr Michael McCavert GP, dated October 28th 2005, at the following Internet address: 
I would be very grateful if you would please take careful note of the fact that, as very correctly stated in Dr McCavert's letter above, "public officials and bodies" are responsible for the traumas and stresses which have caused the PTSD Complex condition I am now suffering from.
If required by you, or by any of your colleagues in the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, a 16 point list (compiled last January) of the various problems connected with the ongoing psychological abuse I am being subjected to "at the hands of individuals and public officials and bodies" can be viewed at: 
2) Of the many symptoms generally associated with the "PTSD Complex" set of psychological injuries, the three which trouble me the most are bouts of:  a) Depression,  b) Chronic Fatigue,  and c) Explosive Anger.  As I trust you and your colleagues will all understand, the last of these three symptoms places me in a potentially extremely dangerous situation: particularly when it is the case that I cannot find a lawyer who is willing to challenge the ongoing abuses of power and position which the public officials in question continue to subject me to - in spite of the fact that a number of letters have been written on my behalf by Mr Gerard Madden (Senior Social Worker) to some of the more senior of the public officials involved.  If required by you, or by anyone else at the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, examples of two such letters, both of which are being completely ignored by the two government ministers concerned (in so far as I can judge), can be seen at the two addresses provided immediately below.
Letter 1 to Minister for Justice Mr Michael McDowell TD (Republic of Ireland): 
Letter 2 to Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Hanson MP: 
Should you or any of your Housing Executive colleagues require it, further information relating to the full range of symptoms associated with the PTSD Complex condition, and to the several causes of this condition - many of which seem to involve severe and prolonged bullying of one form or another - can be found at:
3) My best hope - and perhaps my only hope in fact (as I see things) - of stopping the ongoing psychological abuse I'm being subjected to by the public officials in question, and the growing build-up of very threatening and dangerous psychological pressures associated with it, seems (to me) to lay with the application I made to the European Court of Human Rights on March 25th 2006.  However, I understand this approach could take anything up to two years or so to fully process, and that a successful outcome (for me) is highly dependant on my replying to correspondence from the European Court of Human Rights within certain very strictly held time-limits.  Please note that I do not have any letter-box of my own at the hostel accommodation address I am now staying at - which means I am entirely dependant, for the receipt of all my mail, on people who are not employed by the Post Office: and which may in turn explain the very worrying fact (for me) that, to date, I have not received any acknowledgement of receipt from the European Court of Human Rights for the application letter I sent to them through the registered post on March 25th 2006.  If required by you and your colleagues, full details of my March 25th 2006 application letter to the European Court of Human Rights can be found at: 
4) Last January, and at very short notice (through no fault of his), Mr Gerard Madden (Senior Social Worker) very kindly offered to take my pet dog up from Galway for me.  Knowing that the dog would undoubtedly help to reduce the amount of depression I suffer from, I hastily decided on the spur-of-the-moment to accept his offer.  Unfortunately, a few weeks after the dog arrived in Northern Ireland, I was informed by a member of staff at the hostel I am staying at that dogs are not allowed at the hostel.  Consequently, the dog has been staying at the "Wagging Tails Boarding Kennels" in Dromore since February 16th 2006, and I am now very concerned that I may have to give up the dog altogether - if you and your colleagues cannot soon provide me with accommodation where I am allowed to keep a dog.
5) The only secure income I have at the present time is the ú78.75 per week Disability Living Allowance I receive from the Northern Ireland Social Security Agency.  While it is the case that my brother and my half-sister are voluntarily lending me money (through the use of sums they are paying into my bank account each month), please note that these monthly financial loans are dependant on the sale of some land belonging to my brother, and that difficulties (beyond my control) have arisen regarding the sale of this particular piece of land in County Roscommon (Lisnamult). Should you need to know more about the difficulties in question, please see under "Item 16" at the following address:
6) When Mr C. McGartland from the Omagh Housing Executive called to see me on April 24th 2006, I informed him that my preference regarding accommodation "location" would be the Omagh area - mostly because of the help I am receiving from Senior Social Worker Gerard Madden and Dr McCavert GP (who as you will know are of course both based in Omagh).  However, and as I recall it, I also stressed that if your office in Omagh was unable to provide me with suitable accommodation within a month or so, that I would be willing to move to any part of Northern Ireland.  As far as I can recall, I also expressed a strong preference for urban areas - because of the fact that two self-help groups I receive help and support from hold most of their weekly meetings in urban areas.
It would be much appreciated if you and your colleagues at the Northern Ireland Housing Executive could please take careful note of the information I have set out above, and I look forward to hearing from you again after you have considered it.
Yours sincerely,
 William Finnerty.
For future reference purposes, a copy of this e-mail will later be placed at the following address: 
PRINTED COPY:  Dr Michael McCavert GP, Omagh Health Centre, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. 

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  "Note: there has recently been a trend amongst some psychiatric professionals to label people suffering Complex PTSD as a exhibiting a personality disorder, especially Borderline Personality Disorder.  This is not the case - PTSD, Complex or otherwise, is a psychiatric injury and nothing to do with personality disorders.  If there is an overlap, then Borderline Personality Disorder should be regarded as a psychiatric injury, not a personality disorder.  If you encounter a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health professional who wants to label your Complex PTSD as a personality disorder, change to another, more competent professional."

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