Letter dated May 14th 2007 to Mr John Glynn (Barrister)
from Ms Marjorie Dolan and Mr Gerald Finnerty

May 14th 2007




"To Whom It May Concern Letter" dated October 28th 2005
(See above)



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Text of letter dated May 14th 2007 Mr John Glynn (Barrister)
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Mr John Glynn (Barrister)
Patrick Hogan & Co (Solicitors).
Dunlo Street

Ms Marjorie Dolan
New Inn

Dear Mr Glynn,

William (Billy) Finnerty, my half-brother, and Gerald‘s brother, has related to us on a number of occasions that he has not received any reply to the letter he sent to you through the registered post on April 3rd 2007.

Generally speaking, we are growing more and more concerned about the way the entire legal profession appears to be completely ignoring the contents of the “To Whom It May Concern” letter dated October 28th 2005 which Dr McCavert GP has provided Billy with, and which we took a copy of to your office by hand shortly after it was written.

We would both appreciate it very much if you could please let us have a brief written explanation as to why you and so many of your colleagues in the legal profession appear to be completely ignoring the whole contents of Dr McCavert’s “To Whom I May Concern Letter” letter dated October 28th 2005.

Yours sincerely,

Marjorie Dolan


Gerald Finnerty.

PS: Please note that Billy has also provided us with a Post Office report which states that his letter to you of April 3rd 2007 was delivered on April 5th 2007.


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