Why has the Aarhus Convention Agreement not been "laid before Dáil Éireann" ?  

                 (  As required under Article 29. 5. 1 of the Republic of Ireland Constitution  )                    


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Subject :  OIREACHTAS MEMBERS COPY > Everything you need to know > Aarhus Convention Agreement Update

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Dear Oireachtas Member,
If you know of any good reason why the international Aarhus Convention Agreement signed on June 25th 1998 has not yet been "laid before Dail Eireann", as required under Article 29.5.1 of the Republic of Ireland Constitution, it would be very much appreciated if you could let me know of it please.
Further information relating to the above question can be found below.
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.
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Dear MEP,
If you know of any good reason why the international Aarhus Convention Agreement has not been laid before Dail Eireann, as required under Article 29.5.1 of the Republic of Ireland Constitution, it would be very much appreciated if you could let me know of it please.
Further information relating to the above question can be found below.
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.
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Sent: Friday, November 05, 2004 3:56 PM
Subject: MEDIA COPY > Everything you need to know > Aarhus Convention Agreement Update
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Sent: Friday, November 05, 2004 1:39 PM
Subject: GALWAY COUNCILLORS COPY > Everything you need to know > Aarhus Convention Agreement Update

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Sent: Friday, November 05, 2004 12:34 PM
Subject: TUROE / TARA COPY > Everything you need to know > Aarhus Convention Agreement Update

With reference to the information below, an application for Legal Aid has very recently been submitted by a young law student which, it is hoped, will speed up progress in connection with the matter of having the international Aarhus Convention Agreement (signed by the Republic of Ireland in 1998) "laid before Dail Eireann" - as is required under Article 29 of the Republic of Ireland Constitution.
The Aarhus Convention Agreement has MAJOR implications for road projects such as those planned for the Turoe (N6) and Tara (M3) areas. 
A copy of the Legal Aid Application letter (dated November 3rd 2004) can now be seen at:
Those planning to attend the N6 An Bord Pleanala oral hearing on this coming November 23rd in Loughrea, may wish to know that the An Board Pleanala inspector who ran the "Kilconnell Superdump" oral hearing in Oranmore (during February of this year) asked, in public, what the Aarhus Convention Agreement was; APPARENTLY,  HE  HAD  NEVER  EVEN  HEARD  OF  IT.
There is reason to believe that some of the groups Greg Casey sent his VERY interesting information to yesterday might not have received it (please see copy of his e-mail below).
Though the PDF file Greg Casey attached to his e-mail is NOT included with this e-mail, both PDF and HTML versions of it can be found by following the links provided further down.
While the information below, treated holistically, is likely to be of great interest and use to everyone who is interested in keeping the general environment healthy (materially and psychologically), it should be particularly interesting for all those (such as myself) who live in small communities which are being very severely threatened by such things as SUPERDUMPS, INCINERATORS, and NEW ROADS scheduled to go near or through important heritage areas. 
A few sample pieces of text, one from the main text of the Aarhus Convention Agreement, and one from a more recent DIRECTIVE associated with it (supplied by Greg Casey) are provided below:
1)  "Member States shall ensure that the public is given early and effective opportunities to PARTICIPATE in the preparation and modification or review of the plans or programs required to be drawn up under the provisions listed in Annex 1."
2) "  'The public' means ONE or more natural or legal persons and, in accordance with national legislation or practice, their associations, organisations or groups."
Annex 1 (which is part of the main Aarhus Convention Agreement text) makes specific and significant mention of "Waste management" (e.g. the Kilconnell and New Inn superdump situations) and the "Construction of motorways and express roads" (e.g. the new roads planned for the Turoe and Tara areas).
=== === ===
EVERYTHING you need to know about the  AARHUS  CONVENTION  AGREEMENT - but, which the Government,  the "TRADITIONAL MEDIA",  and the vast majority of political leaders ("public servants" ???), APPARENTLY do not wish you to know ... 
Please continue on down ...
=== === ===
The ENGLISH text of the international Aarhus Convention Agreement signed by the Republic of Ireland on June 25th 1998  >>> PDF Format
The ENGLISH text of the international Aarhus Convention Agreement signed by the Republic of Ireland on June 25th 1998  >>> HTML Format
Aarhus Convention Agreement text in other languages (European and non-European)  >>> PDF Formats only listed:
UPDATE information (provided by Greg Casey) on the Aarhus Convention Agreement:
The objective of this EU Directive is to contribute to the implementation of the obligations arising under the Aarhus Convention Agreement.
Directive 2003/35/EC  >>> PDF Format
Directive 2003/35/EC >>> HTML Format
Though the Republic of Ireland signed the Aarhus Convention Agreement on June 25th 1998, it has NOT been laid before Dail Eireann: as required by Article 29.5.1 of the Republic of Ireland Constitution (i.e. the primary or basic set of laws for the Republic of Ireland).
Situation (Republic of Ireland) regarding WRONGFUL ACTS of PUBLIC SERVANTS acting on behalf of the State:
Google Information on the Aarhus Convention Agreement):
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To: William Finnerty ; Pat Kenny (RTE Broadcaster) ; Green Party Ireland (Yahoo Group) ; An Taisce (Yahoo Discussion Group) ; Tara / Skreen Group ; Woodlawn House Preservation Society ; New Inn AntiDump Internet Group ; Siobhan Nevin's Yahoo Group ; Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group Secretary (Annette Gilchrist) ; Connacht Tribune Editor (Mr. John Cunningham) ; Galway Advertiser Editor (Mr. Declan Varley) ; Galway Independent Newspaper ; Ireland On Sunday ; Irish Emigrant Newspaper ; Irish Examiner Newspaper ; Irish Independent Newspapers (Unison Group) ; Keith Finnegan at Galway Bay FM (local radio) ; RTE (Irish National TV Station) ; Sunday World Newspaper ; Sunday Business Post ; TG4 (Irish Language Station, Republic of Ireland) ; The Irish Times ; Tuam Herald ; TV3 (Republic of Ireland) ; Associated Press ; BBC NEWS ; CNN ; Reuters ; New Inn Anti-Dump Chairman (Vincent Costello) ; sean.cronin ; peter ; Monica Muller ; Ian Lumley
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 3:21 PM
Subject: Aarhus Convention Update

See amendments to EIA Directives and others relating to, amongst other things, waste disposal.  (Please refer to Directive 2003/35/EC links above.)
Greg Casey

Yahoo! Groups Links

For the purpose of trying to protect the little that is left of the numerous and very important Turoe / Knocknadala / Athenry heritage sites mentioned in Fr Tom O'Connor's two books, several of which are now under very serious threat from the planned N6 Upgrade scheduled to go right through Knocknadala ("Hill of Parliament" in the Celtic language), and MANY of which have already been destroyed, a new web site has recently been opened at:

Parts of the 10,000 year old Dublin to Galway  ESKER  RIADA (An Sli Mor),  believed to be by far the MOST IMPORTANT of the "Five Great Roads of Ancient Ireland", and a large section of which - approximately one-and-a-half miles long - has already been COMPLETELY destroyed by Local Government sand mining operations carried out by Galway County Council in the NEW INN area, are amongst the several ancient monuments in the region which are again under threat.  Further information on the Esker Riada can be found at: 



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The Ĺrhus Convention Agreement
 (3 Main Points)

The Ĺrhus Convention establishes a number of rights of the public (citizens and their associations) with regard to the environment. Public authorities (at national, regional or local level) are to contribute to allowing these rights to become effective. The Convention provides for:

  1. The right of everyone to receive environmental information that is held by public authorities (“access to environmental information”). This can include information on the state of the environment, but also on policies or measures taken, or on the state of human health and safety where this can be affected by the state of the environment. Citizens are entitled to obtain this information within one month of the request and without having to say why they require it. In addition, public authorities are obliged, under the Convention, to actively disseminate environmental information in their possession;

  2. The right to participate from an early stage in environmental decision-making. Arrangements are to be made by public authorities to enable citizens and environmental organisations to comment on, for example, proposals for projects affecting the environment, or plans and programmes relating to the environment, these comments to be taken into due account in decision-making, and information to be provided on the final decisions and the reasons for it (“public participation in environmental decision-making”);

  3. The right to challenge, in a court of law, public decisions that have been made without respecting the two aforementioned rights or environmental law in general (“access to justice”).

Above text taken from:  http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/aarhus/


National Development Plan


"The NDP is the largest and most ambitious investment plan ever drawn up for Ireland. It involves an investment of over EUR 52 billion of Public, Private and EU funds (in 1999 prices) over the period 2000-2006. The Plan involves significant investment in health services, social housing, education, roads, public transport, rural development, industry, water and waste services, childcare and local development."

The above quote was taken from http://www.ndp.ie on October 23rd 2004.



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