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Subject: [Celtic Party] Deux problèmes principaux (Two main problems)

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From: "Vercingetorix \(Ireland\)" <vercingetorixireland@yahoo.ie>
To: "Ollamh Fodhla \(Feis Tara\)" <ollamhfodhla@yahoo.co.uk>
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Subject: Deux problèmes principaux
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 13:18:22 +0000 (GMT)

Ollamh Fodhla,

Fondamentalement, il y a deux problèmes principaux:

      (ENGLISH: " Basically, there are two main problems: ")

1) les fonctionnaires agissant au nom du PEUPLE de la République d'Irlande avaient systématiquement violé la loi fundemental de cet ÉTAT de SOVERIGN pendant plusieurs années.

      (ENGLISH: " 1) Public servants acting on behalf of the PEOPLE of the Irish Republic have been systematically violating the fundamental law of this SOVEREIGN STATE for several years".)

2) les fonctionnaires qui violent la loi ont l'appui TOTAL de la profession légale dans la République de l'Irlande - de sorte que ceux responsables de la loi-rupture ne puissent pas être pris devant les cours de la loi.

     (ENGLISH: " 2) The public servants who are breaking the law have the FULL support of the legal profession in the Republic of Ireland - so that those responsible for the law-breaking cannot be taken before the courts of law. " )

Pour rendre des sujets beaucoup pire, elle est évident que les violateurs de la loi ont l'appui total de la profession médicale aussi bien - plus, en outre, le plein suport des médias.

      (ENGLISH: "To make matters much worse, it appears the public servant law-breakers have the full support of the medical profession as well - plus, in addition, the full support of the media. " )



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Subject: More to it ?
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 16:12:12 +0000
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Dear Brendan,

I'm not sure that allowing myself to get arrested is as straightforward and useful as you believe: at least not in my particular case.

On December 6th last Gerald (my brother) had a meeting with a lawyer in barrister John Glynn's office (i.e. Hogan & Co.) in Ballinasloe regarding my situation.

In the middle of this meeting I received a phone call from Gerald, and a few moments later I ended up talking to the lawyer in question (who told me his name is Kennedy).

According to Mr Kennedy, I am in really BIG trouble (because of my heritage and environmental protection activities).

I was a bit surprised that when I spoke on the phone to Margie (my half-sister) last Sunday, that she did not know about Mr Kennedy's very severe view of things. Consequently, I sent a note to Margie a few days later (on January 4th), and I have reproduced the text of the letter below.

Margie has now received this letter, and when I spoke with her on the phone this morning she told me that Mr Kennedy has told Gerald that he does not wish to have anything to do with this case.

So far, I have not heard anything from Mr Geraghty (Fair Murtagh law firm) regarding the letter I sent him on December 21st 2004 - which has now been copied to the following address:

There is also a copy of the Post Office registered letter receipt at the above address for the letter I sent to Mr Geraghty on December 21st 2004.

I have recently received a reply from a lady named Anne Scott at the Northern Ireland Ombudsman's office. Other than that, I have heard nothing at all from any of the other public servants/organisations listed in the "Cc:" section of the the e-mail reproduced at the
above www address.

Best wishes,



Tyrone (Northern Ireland)

Tuesday January 4th 2005

Dear Margie,

When I spoke with you on Sunday (January 2nd) you did not seem to be at all aware of the fact that the solicitor (Mr Kennedy) Gerald spoke to on December 6th last seemed to think I was in really BIG trouble.

Mr Kennedy told me on the phone (just after Gerald phoned me from John Glynn’s office) that: a) I could be arrested by the Garda Siochana (Police) at anytime, anywhere, and taken before any court they use; and, b) that the bail for my release would very likely be high – maybe €10,000 - or possibly more even.

As far as I know, if the bail money is not paid in the court at the time the Judge makes his/her decision, then I will go straight to jail from the court; and, if I end up in jail over this business, I do not believe I will ever come out alive. It’s as simple as that for me (at the present time).

As I genuinely felt I could not cope with the kind of scenario I have outlined above without going
COMPLETELY insane, I decided to go on-the-run in the early hours of December 7th to a different
jurisdiction (i.e. Northern Ireland, where the Garda Siochana have no powers to arrest me).

All relevant matters considered, and most of which Gerald, Garda Tom Kenny (police), and the rest of the Gardai are all completely ignoring (AT MY EXPENSE PLEASE NOTE, AND ENTIRELY FOR THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE), I still believe I made the correct decision on December 7th to leave the Republic of Ireland jurisdiction.

I don’t know why it is that Gerald now appears to be completely ignoring what Mr Kennedy told him (and me) on December 6th. When I spoke to Gerald on Sunday last he told me he believes nothing will happen to me if I go back to the Republic of Ireland – simply because Garda Tom Kenny told him so.

Gerald also told me on Sunday last that he had NOT read the copy of the letter dated December 21st 2004 to Mr Geraghty that I sent to the two of you on December 22nd. This left me feeling dismayed, and more depressed that I have felt in a very long time.

In the very threatening circumstances I find myself, verbal assurances from Garda Tom Kenny are of no use whatsoever to me. It is much, much, too late now for that kind of thing - as far as I am concerned.

At this stage I can only consider assurances from the Garda which are stated in writing. Please note that the e-mail letter I sent to Mr Geraghty on December 21st was copied to Chief Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy (comstaff@iol.ie), and to the Assistant Garda Commissioner in Galway City (ekeating@iol.ie) – as can very clearly be seen in the CC: section (of the printed copy I sent to you and Gerald). Please note that so far I have heard nothing at all from either of these two Garda sources, or from anyone else.

If Tom Kenny or any of his colleagues in the Gardai wish to provide me with assurances, they should send them to the e-mail address I have provided for them all in the above mentioned letter dated December 21st 2004 to Mr Geraghty (which is newinngalway@yahoo.co.uk ). I can assure you all that any such assurances I receive from them through this address will be considered very seriously by me.



--- Brendan Kelly <brendankellywoodlawn@yahoo.ie>

Hi Billy

It is good to hear from you and to know you are well.

I have given a lot of though about your situation and fully realise it is easy for me to give advise from my warm seat behind my PC. I have always disliked armchair generals.

If I were in your position I would return to base. I would sit in my front lawn and when arrested give only my name, address, date of birth.

You will be entitled to a phone call. Call me and I will be with you as soon as I can.

You are an environmental activist, you have not broken the law, you have committed no crime. It is not a crime to highlight environmental damage and as an activist it is your duty to do so.

Under Local Agenda 21 you are obliged to do so. When arrested you will be a political environmental

Again I know it is easy for me to sit here and say this. While I would not wish my worst enemy to be in your position I would trade places with you if I could. I know you are terrified of been locked up. I would not like it much my self but know I would handle it better than you. (No disrespect).

The way I see it is that NGOs have to enter court as defendants to get justice. We saw some activist with 200,000 costs the other day. Communities cannot defend themselves through the courts with out free legal aid and the only way to get free legal aid is to be a defendant.

I know it is easy for me to say this but I did accuse others of embezzlement looking for MY day in court.

The Majority of conflict through the World has been about Civil Rights.

800 years here, Nelson Mandella, The Celts V The Romans, etc.

I suspect that there will be a lot of civil unrest in 2005. The people of Ireland did not lie down under the jack boot of the British Empire and I hope, with the exception of Monica Leach will not lie down under the corrupt Minister Cullens laws.

Regards Brendan

PS If possible get arrested South of the border.

History of conflict ...

King Ollamh Fodhla (Feis Tara):

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