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L'information Tara ci-dessous censurée par Tara/Skreen Group.  Pourquoi ?

     ENGLISH:  " The (Ollamh Fodhla) information below relating to Tara has been censored by the Tara/Skreen Group.  Why ? "

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Subject: [Celtic Party] King of the World  ///  Re:
[Tara/Skreen] Liffey Champions letter on Tara  \\\


"... gave his daughter in marriage to Solomon, was the Pharaoh who conferred on ... Eochaidh (2): his son; better known as Ollamh Fodhla, ie, "Ollamh, or chief poet ...



"He gave the province of Ulster to Emhear, son of Ir, son of Milesius. ... In the Age of the World 3922, Ollamh Fodhla, after having been forty years ... "

"Ulster" was first called Uladh, from Ollamh Fodhla... "

"King Ollamh Fodhla (the Great Law-giver) established Feis-Teamhrach (The Great Feast of Tara)... "

"Cairn T, was realised to be the tomb of Ollamh Fodhla; which is ... "



--- "Dr. Muireann Ni Bhrolchain" <muireann@indigo.ie>

Hi - reply to letter that appeared earlier

Letter to the editor


Mr Larry McAndrew's letter to your paper Tara - 'over-puffed and oversold' (Saturday 25th December)was ill-informed on a number of points. Allow me to take this opportunity to clarify.

The quotes that he used were from a speech given by myself during the Dáil debate tabled by the Labour Party recently and they were not from a Party policy document.

The quotation 'ripping a knife through a Rembrandt' was originally made by an eminent professor of archaeology, Dennis Harding of the University of Edinburgh and the second was from one of the petitioners on the Save TaraSkryne website petition.

These were short extracts from a longer speech that were reported in the Irish Times.

The King of Tara was revered by the people as the sacred primary King of Ireland and not just a 'warlord' and their power was considered to come from the Gods.

Society treated him as King of the world and this explains the huge number of monuments in the valley.

It was a prehistoric burial ground and a sanctuary.

To say that Tara is 'over-puffed and oversold' and to equate it with other sites in the country is to belittle the opinion of expert historians and archaeologists.

In his submission to An Bord Pleanála, Conor Newman who was the director of the Discovery Programme's Tara Survey said: 'The Hill of Tara is one of the most important and famous archaeological complexes in the world. The fact is Tara commands a place on the world stage. This is  not hyperbole, it is a statement of fact. As such, it is a major cultural and heritage resource, one that only really beginning to be developed and exploited as such'.

Let me repeat something that I said in my Dáil speech: 'The NRA continues the fiction that Tara is confined to the actual hill but this is not the case. It must be made clear and repeated to the point of boredom, the top of the hill that we call the Hill of Tara is only part of the much wider, integrated landscape that was used for thousands of years by our ancestors'.

The eastern side of the hill is the most important as this is where the royal demesne of the Kings of Tara was. This motorway will plough right through this.

The major change will be at Blundelstown just 1.5km from the celebrated 'Banqueting Hall' on the hilltop.

The writer accuses the Party of abandoning fiscal and taxation reality.

The reality is that if the Government persists in continuing with the present disastrous route through the Tara Skryne Valley and the sacred landscape of Tara the road will be delayed for years not only by unnecessary excavation of huge ritual sites but also by the court actions that have been threatened by the objectors.

The cost of these excavations are already estimated at 30-50 million.

It would be cheaper and more efficient to move the route of the motorway to the original preferred route as recommended by the Halcrow Barry report of 2000 at route selection stage.

The road, if built at all, will probably not be finished for 10-12 years and the landscape once destroyed can never be replaced.

It is short-sighted in the extreme to ignore the experts and turn our backs on the importance of tourism.

Perhaps your writer was not impressed with Tara but he is very much in the minority.

A final word of explanation - the archaeology of  Tara is underground unlike the wonders of Newgrange.

This does not mean that there is nothing there - simply, like Carrickmines, that it is not visible above ground.

Finally, all this expense and delay will only save the motorist 9-10 minutes and get to the M50 car park faster.

What price Tara?

Yours sincerely

Emmet Stagg TD

Save Tara / Skryne Valley Group

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