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Subject: Red-rotten with corruption
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Red-rotten with corruption

by W. Finnerty. Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:47
One thing you may not know about in far away Australia, and which you may not be taking proper account of, is that the legal profession in the Republic of Ireland appears to be red-rotten with corruption at the present time: certainly as far as such things as environmental law and human rights law are concerned. Instead of dispensing justice, in their role as the custodians of the law and the legal system, the judges are much more inclined (it seems to me) to dispense such things as injustice, arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, bullying, and so on. 
Consequently, anyone who appears before the courts in the hope of receiving justice in connection with human rights and/or environmental matters, is likely to have their problems grossly compounded with a very large helping of additional injustice. That, unfortunately, is how things appear (to me) to be at the present time.
If interested, you can get a taste of the kind of abuse I mean - by viewing the "Judge Mary Fahy describes the Lawlessness of Procedures in her Galway District Court as - 'Normal' ! " article at the following address:
By way of I providing you with some further evidence of the extent of the corruption problem in our legal system, you may also be interested to know that I am still waiting for a reply from Justice Minister Michael McDowell TD to the letter I sent to him through the registered post on August 4th 2006, which can be viewed at the following address:
People joke about Australians having to live upside down - citizens in the Republic of Ireland have to live with a legal profession whose thinking appears to be upside-down, inverted (as in inside-out), and perverted: as far as human rights law and environmental law are concerned.
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