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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 22:26:37 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [Celtic Party] "Love is all you need"

But will love survive?
William Finnerty <>
CC: National Bullying Helpline <>
From: William Finnerty <>
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 20:23:30 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [bullyonline] Re: Love is all you need
But will it survive?
My experience suggests that although "love" is still there to be found in considerable quantities, it is now very badly in need of the protection of "Human Rights Law" - Human Rights Law of the kind that is responsibly implemented, policed, and maintained, that is, and not just glibly lip-serviced and double-talked.
Otherwise, love could conceivably become extinct I fear - just as many other living things have become extinct when the environment became too hostile for too long? I know for a fact that love is already close to being extinct in me, after eight years or so of bullying and abuse at the hands of public officials and bodies who have been abusing their powers at my expense, and who carry on relentlessly abusing their powers regardless of two "To Whom It May Concern" letters written last year by the medical doctor who is trying to help me.
One of the most puzzling things I have come across in recent years relates to the following core piece of Human Rights Law text on the United Nations web site: 
'On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the full text of which appears in the following pages. Following this historic act the Assembly called upon all Member countries to publicize the text of the Declaration and "to cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the political status of countries or territories." '
Fifty eight years later, in 2006, I do not know of one "Member country" who has "publicized the text" in any significant way, and neither do I know of one school who has caused the Universal Declaration of Human Rights "to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded".
What happened I wonder? Why has this simple and easy-to-implement United Nations suggestion been ignored by so many? More importantly, why is it STILL being ignored by so many - particularly by those working in education?  I wonder how many Ministers for Education have held office since December 10th 1948 - where were their eyes, and where are the eyes of the present Minister of Education I wonder? 
As some will already know, Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads as follows:
"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."
Personally, and with the Article 5 text in mind, I can't help feeling that there might be a lot less bullying going on today if the 1948 suggestion mentioned above regarding "schools and educational institutions" had been treated more seriously (i.e. adhered to in a mature and responsible manner). 
I wonder what the other victims of bullying in this group think in regard to this matter? Could it be that Human Rights Law is like "holy water to the devil" as far as many present-day public officials are concerned?  Something which very seriously gets in the way of their bullying and tyrannous inclinations perhaps?
Fortunately, and thanks largely to the Internet maybe, all those who were short-changed in school (such as myself) can easily catch up and make up for the loss these days. The full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, consisting of 30 Articles in all, and a Preamble, can be viewed via the following link: 

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