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Subject: Re >>> URGENT: Mary Coughlan's vote on GMOs on Monday
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In connection with the "lobby Minister Mary Coughlan" request below, anyone not already aware may wish to know that under Article 6 (PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IN DECISIONS ON SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES) of the Aarhus Convention Agreement, point number "11" reads as follows:
"Each Party shall, within the framework of its national law, apply, to the extent feasible and appropriate, provisions of this article to decisions on whether to permit the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms into the environment."
As can be seen at the following United Nations address, the vast majority of countries in Europe have already ratified the Aarhus Convention Agreement:
As can also be seen at the above address, the "European Community" itself ratified the Aarhus Convention Agreement on February 17th 2005.
The Republic of Ireland's present position on the Aarhus Convention Agreement seems to be as follows: "I will have to check ..." (Prime Minister Ahern TD in Dail Eireann on February 2nd 2005). For additional information on this comment please see: 
The full text of the United Nations Aarhus Convention Agreement can be seen at:
Brendan Kelly <> wrote:
To: <>
From: "Brendan Kelly" <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 17:09:27 +0100
Subject: [nature-irl] Fw: URGENT: Mary Coughlan's vote on GMOs on Monday
Hi Guys this is an important lobbying process re GMOs. A quick email is all that's required!!!
Kind regards

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From: GM-free Ireland Network
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 1:35 AM
Subject: URGENT: Mary Coughlan's vote on GMOs on Monday
Dear friends,
Please take a minute right now to lobby Mary Coughlan, Minister for Agriculture and Food, to vote this Monday AGAINST an EC proposal to allow irreversible contamination of Europe’s food and environment from GM crops. 
I have just learned from documents leaked to Friends of the Earth Europe that the EU Agriculture Ministers will meet this Monday 22 May in Brussels to adopt measures that will: 
a.. dismiss the concerns raised by farmers, consumers, and environmental groups at a recent stakeholder conference on GMOs organized by the European Commission in Vienna;
a.. refuse to establish EU-wide legislation to prevent GMO contamination of conventional and organic crops and food;
a.. ignore the calls by 175 European regions, 3,500 local authorities and 1,000 smaller areas in 22 EU member states for the EC to recognise the democratic right to prohibit GM seeds and crops if they chose to do so;
a.. not demand that liability for contamination be made mandatory on the GM industry. Instead they will look at existing national legislation, which is already proven insufficient.
A flood of emails and phone calls to Mary today Friday might just convince her not to support this dreadful attempt by the EC to contaminate our food and farming. A protest outside the Agriculture Council meeting in Brussels will urge her and the other Ministers to put food safety and the environment before the interests of the transnational agri-biotech corporations. 
tel: (01) 607 2884
LoCall 1890 200 510
fax: (01) 661 1013
Many thanks in advance
Kind regards

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