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Dear Margie,
I’m really sorry about what happened (again) yesterday evening when you phoned.
Much as I loath and detest such angry outbursts, I’m unable to control them - at least at the present time, and in my present circumstances.
As I believe I have already informed you, these outbursts are a symptom of the Complex PTSD "psychological injury" I have been diagnosed as having (by Dr McCavert) - caused as a direct consequence of my stressful efforts during the past 8 years or so to stand up to all the corruption - with almost nobody to help me for most of the time, and absolutely nobody at all in the legal profession willing to provide me with any assistance whatsoever - other than the kind which vigorously supports the very corruption I am trying to challenge.
I now feel I simply have to stay off the phone for the foreseeable future. As far as I know, there is no satisfactory medical treatment for the Complex PTSD condition I am now suffering from: not while the outrageous mental abuse and torture I'm being subjected to by so called "public servants" is ongoing at least.  In other words, the mental abuse and mental torture I'm being subjected to has to somehow be STOPPED first, before the medical treatment can sensibly begin - which is just common sense of course.
Why it is that nobody at Hogan & Co. (law firm) appears to have yet heard anything about the "CRIMINAL JUSTICE (UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE) ACT, 2000" (Republic of Ireland), is a complete mystery to me at the present time.  Please note this legal Act is based on the United Nations "CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment", and that it is "tailor made" to provide legal protection for the kind of mental torture I am being subjected to by "public officials" at the present time.
I would be very grateful if yourself and Gerald could please have a very careful look at the copy of the letter I sent to you yesterday (which was to Greg Nolan and dated December 23rd).  An electronic copy has now been placed at the following Internet location: 
Please note that I am extremely shocked by the part in Mr Nolan's e-mail to me (of December 22nd) where he states that I have “no legal or beneficial interest in the lands”
Where is he getting all this stuff from? - when it is the case that we had all very easily and happily decided and agreed over a year ago that the money from the sale of the land would be divided equally between the three of us?  My understanding is that Gerald discussed all of this at length with John Glynn (Barrister and Principal Lawyer at Hogan & Co.) well over a year ago. In addition, I explained the whole situation, corruption and medical problems and all, to Mr Nolan via my e-mail to him of November 23rd - as can be seen at: 
I believe it would help me if you could please let me have a copy of the letter Mr Nolan is to send to you - which he mentions in the very last sentence of his e-mail to me dated December 22nd. 
I'm now getting extremely suspicious about the way Mr Nolan and Mr Glynn (of Hogan & Co) are behaving towards me: particularly when the legal papers for my home are lodged there; and, from now on, and for the purpose of keeping accurate records of my exchanges with you and Gerald, I plan to use this new e-mail address I created for you and Gerald a few days ago. 
Should you at any time wish to see the electronic version of this or any such e-mail letters I send to you, I would suggest you go to the library in Ballinasloe. There is a senior lady there who has told me she has stayed in Quarry House for a lengthy period of time in the 1970s, and that she knew mother well.  I feel sure she would help you both, as she seems very nice, and it's really not a huge job for her (or one of her assistants) to help you with.  Please remember though that you MUST take the "password" I gave you in the letter I sent to you last Tuesday (December 20th).  Also, you would need to phone the library first - to book some time on one of the computers there.
Best wishes to you both for Christmas,
PS: I sent a card a few days ago but I don't know if it will reach you in time for Christmas.

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Constitution of Ireland:
Bunreacht na hEireann

and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (United Nations): 

"Date of entry into force (Republic of Ireland)" United Nations Document: May 5th 2002


European Convention on Human Rights (Council of Europe):

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations): 


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